Topsail Presbyterian Preschool Photo Days!


Parents of Topsail Presbyterian Preschool, your kids portraits are ready for viewing and ordering!

A couple of things before you jump into the galleries:

  1. Each child’s album is password protected. Use your child’s last name to gain access to their album.
  2. PLEASE be sure to read the “notes” image in your child’s album. It contains info that is helpful and important for you to know when viewing portraits and placing orders.
  3. Each gallery (Spring Portraits, Cap & Gown, Class Photos) is it’s own “store”. Their shopping carts are not connected. You will need to make a separate purchase from each gallery that you wish to order from.
  4. Most questions can be answered either by reading the FAQs below or by reading the “notes” image in your child’s album. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me at
  5. And finally…the deadline to order digital files or print products from ALL THREE galleries is Monday April 16th.

Now, go take a look!


Welcome Parents of Topsail Presbyterian Preschool!

I’m so excited to be photographing your children this spring and offering my boutique school photography to your child’s school! I  know you’re going to love these genuine images of your little ones! This page is designed to give you some helpful information to make your  photo experience easy and convenient! It’s also where I’ll be posting updates and the access to the galleries once all the photos are edited and ready for you to view! Stay tuned!


What makes this photography unique?

My goal during my short time with your child is not to force a cheesy smile. I’m looking for natural expressions, which will range from serious and pensive to sweet and silly. The solid black background keeps the focus solely on the child’s face and expression.

I will chat and interact with your child during our time together to elicit genuine expressions. For an extra fun time, have your child come prepared with a joke for ME! 🙂

What should my child wear?

These images are shot chest-up against a solid black backdrop. Tops that are light-colored or bright-colored are best. Please avoid hoodies and dark or black tops, tops with large graphics, logos, print, or cartoon characters. And please no neon colors–they reflect poorly on skin. Small details at the sleeves, neck, and collar photograph well for these sessions. You can also think about a top that makes your child’s eye color pop! Consider allowing your child to select a favorite outfit within these parameters to capture even more of their personality!

When can I expect to see the photos?

Within two weeks of Photo Day, you’ll receive an announcement flyer when picking up your child from school. The flyer will announce that the photo gallery is ready to be viewed, where to view it online and the ordering deadline date.

How does ordering work?

After your receive your online gallery, you will have 7 days to place your order. Everything is viewed, ordered, and paid online, so there are no paper order forms to keep up with. You will have the option to purchase prints, canvases, and digital images with printing rights.

You will have 2-4 images in both color and black and white to select from. From the gallery you can view the images and place orders online. Payment is handled directly through the viewing gallery. Print packages are $40 and digital files start at $45. “Add-on” (aka a la carte)  prints can be added to any package, digital file or canvas wrap order. You may also make your own package using the A La Carte items ($40 minimum).
Digital orders are delivered via email immediately after payment clears. Print orders are delivered to your school for distribution within 2-3 weeks of the ordering deadline.

Shoot me an EMAIL at SCHOOLS@ERIKARIGGERPHOTOGRAPHY.COM if you have any questions!

Can I share the gallery with family?

Grandparents and other relatives may also place orders through the gallery! Please note, all print orders are delivered to your school for distribution, so you’ll need to mail print orders to faraway relatives yourself. Digital orders are delivered via email immediately after payment clears – so no need to snail mail those. 🙂

What is the quality of the prints?

Your photographs will be printed on the highest quality photographic paper and are finished with a lustre coating to protect them from aging, fingerprints and uv exposure.

One last thing . . .

Your child’s privacy is important to me!

I occasionally like to post a sneak peek on social media from my photo day at a particular school or add new kids’ photos to my website and marketing materials. If you would be willing to give me permission to include your child’s photo (never any names) for these purposes, please complete the following release form. Thank you so much!