Top 5 Places to Take Family Pictures in Wilmington NC

When you think of a photo session for your family, what do you envision? Rolling in the grass with your giggling toddlers? Prancing down trails surrounded by lush gardens? Digging your toes in the sand as the ocean chases you along the shoreline?  These picturesque locations provide the perfect backdrop for your custom family photo session–and best of all, they’re all right here in the Wilmington area! I delight in helping families select a location for their custom family photo session with me and look forward to helping you decide which environment will be authentic to your family’s unique dynamic. Once we select the location, we will find just the right spaces to bring out your natural joy and beauty. Here is my list of top 5 places to take family pictures in Wilmington, NC.

1. Greenfield Lake Park, Wilmington NC

Collage of Greenfield Lake Park Family Photography location

Greenfield Lake Park is home to a vast 250 acres of green gardens with winding trails alongside Greenfield Lake. The park features a four mile walking and biking path, a playground, a lake popular for fishing, canoe and paddle boat rentals and more. In the spring, the flowers are in bloom and really pop in portraits as you can see from the image above. Even outside of spring this park photographs beautifully! Parking is easy, too. Just a couple of miles from Historic Downtown Wilmington, this natural landscape portrays your innate love for all things outdoors while still being within city limits. Here is a map to Greenfield Lake Park.

2. Wrightsville Beach, NC

South End of Wrightsville Beach NC Family Pictures playing on the sand

An island escape to Wrightsville Beach will alleviate your daily stresses and draw you in with those cool ocean breezes. Warm sunshine and soft sand make for a splendid day of capturing delightful memories. I especially like the South End with it’s grassy dunes and beautiful sunsets. There is metered parking just outside the entrance to the beach. It can get very windy, but that can be very nice at the peak of a southern summer heat wave.  I recommend this location for late summer and fall sessions. Here is a map to the South End of Wrightsville Beach, NC.

3. New Hanover Arboretum in Wilmington, NC

Mommy & Me Session at Wilmington Arboretum

New Hanover County Arboretum’s lovely water garden will provide a sense of quiet leisure. Paved walkways will entice you to stroll throughout the fragrant Rose Garden and alluring Japanese Garden as you share this invigorating occasion. A zen garden and koi pond will put any camera anxiety you have to rest, and allow you to simply enjoy the moment with your family. With plenty of room to run around and a little play house for them to explore, the kids will love it too! Because these are kept gardens, this location is great year-round. Here is a map of the New Hanover County Arboretum.

4. Historic Downtown Wilmington, NC

Family Pictures on Wilmington NC Riverwalk

In Historic Downtown Wilmington you will revel at the half century old buildings as you wander along brick and cobblestone pavement. The urban setting will provide a splash of charm with its beautifully revitalized ambiance. The Cape Fear River makes a gorgeous backdrop, especially when coupled with a sunset. Plus, with all the great shops, restaurants and nightlife, you may want to stay after your photo session to enjoy in all this area has to offer. I suggest arriving early at this location as parking can be limited depending on the day of the week and season. Here is a map of Historic Downtown Wilmington. starting from Riverfront Park.

5. Hugh MacRae Park, Wilmington, NC

Big playground for kids, trails and gardens Hugh MacRae Park is a wonderful location for family pictures in Wilmington NC

Hugh MacRae Park will welcome you with it’s refreshing and lush atmosphere. The trees are tall and create a fun forest-like background for beautiful family pictures. There is also a pond, gazebo area, 1.5 mile trail, and an amusement filled playground. A new splash pad is scheduled to open in April 2017! This park ensures a photo session with plenty of background variety and lot of fun activities for the little ones.  Ample parking lots within the park make it very accessible. Here is a map of Hugh MacRae Park in Wilmington, NC.

However you envision the photographs you desire, we will find the location that makes your family feel at home. Contact me to schedule your custom photo session so I can help you preserve your most cherished moments.

I'm Erika and I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer based near Wilmington, NC. I'm also a mom to two cutie boys, lover of backyard gardening, candles, chocolate and Amazon Prime.

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