Rainbow Garden Preschool Photo Days 2017

Hello Parents of Rainbow Garden! I’m very happy to announce that the Rainbow Garden gallery is live!

Please be sure to view and place any orders for prints or digitals before the gallery expires on Monday, Oct 16th.


Photo Days at Rainbow Garden were a success!

Within two weeks of Photo Day, you’ll receive an announcement flyer when picking up your child from school. The flyer will announce that the photo gallery is ready to be viewed and where to view the gallery online. From the gallery you can view the images and place orders online. Payment is handled directly through the viewing gallery. Print packages are $40 and digital files start at $45. Canvas wraps and additional prints are also available for purchase.

Shoot me an email at schools@erikariggerphotography.com if you have any questions!

Hello Parents of Rainbow Garden Preschool! I’m so excited to be the school portrait photographer for Rainbow Garden this year!

A few things to keep in mind when helping your child dress for picture day:

  • Avoid hoodies and shirts/tops with large illustrations, cartoon characters, or large logos on them.
  • Bright colors, yes! Neon colors, no. Neon colors tend to reflect poorly onto the skin.
  • Collared shirts, dresses/tops with pretty detail in the neck or shoulder area look great!

Students to be photographed on Tues, Sept 26th:

Fairy/Gnome Room:
Leona Noto

Rainbow Room:
Eli Lawrence
Shae Reece
Gabe Dragt
Carrick Hogan
Grayson Lucas
Ray Miller
Evan Morcos
Emy Noxon
Blake Podolinsky
Saoirse Stice

Earth/Sky Room:
Rosalie Noto
Willow Cook
Josh Dragt
Marshall Foan
Waylon Harbin
Bennett Kuchta
Semaina May
Summer Meyer
Elijah Ogden
Jenna Podolinsky
Keller Wilson
Emmalyn Logan

Students to be photographed on Wednesday, Sept 27th:

Fairy/Gnome Room:
Lennon Dabney
Charlotte Morgan
Dyer Coy
Guiliana Migliara
Liam West
Blake Johnson
Logan Locke
Ellie Okuely
Lucy Okuely
Sabrina Purdy
Gage Reed
Roman Willis

Rainbow Room:
Anna Meeks
Elek Antal
Ben Bonk
Finn Cheney
Chloe Colie
Wyatt Crum
Thomas Darlington
Sierra Dick
Deaglan Effinger
Sawyer Sloan