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I built my business during nap time and after bed time. As a wife, mother to my two little boys, and a new resident to coastal North Carolina (in 2015) I knew I had to either get a job or start my own business. I had left my Art Director job just before I had my first child and had no plans to go back to the corporate world. Already a hobbyist, I picked up the camera to capture my new baby boy and I realized I could start my own photography business–something I had only dreamt about from my office cubicle! The major turning point for me was my decision to make my dreams of owning my own photography business become my reality. The decision to take that first step IS the first step in your journey!

What took me from dreams to reality?

Hiring a photography mentor and coach! Not only did she take me on a shoot with her and teach me great photography techniques, she also taught me everything she knew about starting and running a photography business. Having a mentor that I could trust and would help me cut though all the b.s. and go straight to the info and resources I needed to grow my business quickly was THE BEST investment in myself. I now pay that forward to my clients, by helping them to grow creatively, book more clients, make more profits and go FULL TIME while enjoying a thriving, life-enriching business!

Hiring a photography mentor offers a myriad of benefits that can significantly elevate your skills and confidence in photography. With personalized guidance and feedback, I can tailor my instruction to your individual needs, helping you progress at a pace that suits you best. I'll provide invaluable technical expertise, offering insights into camera settings, composition, lighting, and post-processing techniques.


Beyond technical skills, I will inspire creativity and artistic growth, encouraging you to explore new concepts and approaches to photography. I can also serve as a source of accountability, motivation, and support, keeping you focused on your goals and providing constructive feedback to help you improve. Additionally, I can offer photographers valuable insights into the photography industry, including networking opportunities, business advice, and career guidance. Overall, hiring a me as your mentor not only accelerates your learning curve but also fosters personal and professional growth, empowering you to reach new heights in your photographic journey. I'm here for you!

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$150One hour 1:1 mentoring (phone or zoom call) to help you elevate your art. Includes pre-mentoring questionnaire so Erika can be as prepared as possible for your time together.Open Q & A
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$200One hour 1:1 mentoring with Erika to review your current editing style, talk through your editing goals, and then work together to hand edit 8 images together in Lightroom. We will then save a custom preset for you to use going forward! Includes pre-mentoring questionnaire so Erika can be as prepared as possible for your time together. Includes 1 hr 1:1 video call plus 1 custom preset.Let's Edit together
$250Erika will review a gallery of 30-40 images prior to your time together, and she will provide thorough and constructive written feedback for you to review during your time together. Includes 1 hr video mentoring call and written portfolio review.Portfolio Review
"I did a mentoring session with Erika
and it was very informative. I highly recommend
her for her professionalism and knowledge."
Fatou T. C.

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