Green Baby Diaper Service in Wilmington NC

Before taking over Green Baby Diaper Service in Wilmington NC, Angie Harris had been an elementary school teacher for over 7 years. After she had her first child she went back to work for a few months and soon after found out she was pregnant again. With two little ones in tow, she wanted to find work that would allow her a more flexible schedule so she could stay home with her littles. It was during that time some family friends announced they were selling Green Baby Diaper Service and the opportunity she had been looking for had arrived. Not only has running Green Baby Diaper Service allowed Angie to have a flexible schedule with her three children, but it also introduced her to all the benefits of cloth diapers.

Green Baby Diaper Service Wilmington NC

Angie Harris, proud owner of Green Baby Diaper Service

Once Angie and her husband purchased the diaper store as a business and began using cloth diapers on their kids, they realized the only reason they hadn’t before was simply because they did not know about it. Their mission with Green Baby Diaper Service has become to educate parents on the benefits of cloth diapering and offer it to them as a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers offer many benefits, both health and environmental. For babies and toddlers, cloth diapers contain zero harsh chemicals that can irritate and be absorbed by the skin. For parents, they offer an environmentally-friendly alternative you can feel good about using. “Disposable diapers still use dioxin (a drying agent) and other chemicals that have been removed from feminine products for years. A few of your natural brands don’t contain some of those harsh chemicals, however they’re not any better for the environment. A disposable diaper takes about 500 years to decompose in a landfill, and that’s even your natural ones. Unless you use the natural diapers that are specifically made for composting, and those services are not available everywhere.” says Angie.


Not only do cloth diapers offer a worry-free, guilt-free alternative to disposable diapers, they also deliver! Can I get a hallelujah? That’s one less thing to worry about! Green Baby Diaper Service offers a variety of Start-Up Packages and Service Plans that work with all levels of diapering needs. With their service, you simply take your baby’s diaper off and drop it in the pail that is provided. Fill it up all week and they pick it up from your doorstep! There is no rinsing and no fuss. They even have a package set up if you choose to wash your cloth diapers at home. They will work with you on customizing your order and deliver all over Wilmington–even up to Hampstead.

Green Baby Diaper Service in Wilmington NC

Green Baby Diaper Service is providing a great service to Wilmington-area moms and the owners are committed to their renewed vision and passion for preventing as many disposable diapers as possible from entering landfills. Their store not only contains a plethora of cloth diapers (new and used), but also lactation supplies, consignments, swim diapers, bibs, bows, amber necklaces, hats, fashionable tie dye kids clothing and more.

Green Baby Diaper Service

6006 Oleander Drive
Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: 910.399.3051

Connect: Facebook


I'm Erika and I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer based near Wilmington, NC. I'm also a mom to two cutie boys, lover of backyard gardening, candles, chocolate and Amazon Prime.

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