Cozy In-home Newborn Photography

Every pair of soon-to-be parents anxiously wonders what those first few days will look like. And who wouldn’t? This cozy in-home newborn photography session provides a great look at what bringing a new life into the world (and into your home) feels like.

This wonderful family contacted me for an in-home photography session in Hampstead. I had previously taken their daughter’s preschool pictures. I was elated because newborn photography sessions are always some of my favorites to shoot.

In-home Newborn Session

Capturing the cozy in-home vibes involves a lot of soft textures and natural lighting to pair with the sweet squishiness of a new baby. Getting up close is what makes a newborn shoot so special. How else could you catch those tiny details that make a newborn just that? The umbilical cord and tiny toes of this baby boy were too sweet. He was also born with something extra small, and extra special on his right hand. Take a peak below to see this precious boy’s little surprise!

An in-home photography session with me wouldn’t be right without some candid shots of the proud parents cuddling up with their newest addition. This is where a cozy in-home shoot really encapsulates the family as they are in the first few days. Big Sister got involved in this part of the session. She was so excited to introduce her new baby brother to her favorite book. 

This darling sleepy boy got to enjoy his morning snuggling with Mom and Dad. The natural lighting that morning time provides created a beautiful environment. It contributed to the cozy feel of this in-home session. The cool-toned colors of this family’s wardrobe were a perfect accent to the bright backdrop the morning light gave.

Savoring the Newborn Moments

All together, with a few forehead kisses from his loving parents, this cozy in-home newborn photography session caught the moments that every parent wants to hang on to. These days in their lives will seem to blur together. Their baby will grow before their eyes. Sooner rather than later they’ll look back on these photographs to reminisce on the first few days of cherishing their new baby boy. 

I am so happy to be a part of savoring this morning and these memories for this beautiful family to treasure.

Up-close photographs of a newborn baby boy in-home photography session
Candid photographs of family reading to their newborn baby during in-home photography session
Sleepy baby boy with his dad during in-home newborn photography session
Newborn baby boy with loving parents in newborn photography session

Are you welcoming a new baby into your life? Get in contact to let me capture those moments so you can relax into the blur that is new parenthood. Or, click to see additional information on my in-home newborn sessions.

I'm Erika and I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer based near Wilmington, NC. I'm also a mom to two cutie boys, lover of backyard gardening, candles, chocolate and Amazon Prime.

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Look at this beautiful little lady! I have been photographing this little girl and her family for years and it's such an honor to get to capture families as they grow. From being invited into my clients' homes to capture their tender moments with their newborn babies or special holiday photos around their Christmas trees, it is never something I take lightly. I feel trusted, valued and I thank my lucky stars for this beautiful work that I do and the amazing clients I get to serve. ⁠
The birth of my brother's first child has prompted me to reminisce about the precious moments when my own children were newly born. Their delightful fragrance, petite and squishy features, and undeniable cuteness overwhelmed me. Despite my exhaustion and the countless tasks that demanded my attention, I found it impossible to sleep when they did. Instead, I would observe their every movement, cherishing each second of that extraordinary period. I made a conscious effort to etch every detail into my memory. And now, as I reflect upon those times, it feels as though they occurred just yesterday, despite my sons now being 5 and 9 years old. Having children truly transports one into a time-warp, with time appearing to both slow down and pass by in an instant, leaving you astonished by their rapid growth.⁠
I have discovered a clear passion within me not only for crafting genuine portraits that capture the true essence of the subject in the present moment, but also for using this skill to uplift women. My focus is specifically on the fearless women who are embarking on their own entrepreneurial journeys.⁠
In light of this, I am pleased to announce the addition of new services to my professional photography portfolio! One of these offerings is personalized branding photography catered to women-owned small businesses.⁠
Your brand serves as a reflection of your vision, values, and dedication. Let's encapsulate the essence of your business journey through bespoke branding photography that speaks volumes, right here in Wilmington, NC! 🌟📷 ⁠
If you share a passion for supporting women-owned businesses, please feel free to reach out to me via direct message. I am eager to have a conversation, collaborate, and potentially work together in some capacity!⁠
I firmly believe that by supporting and empowering women, we actively contribute to the healing, growth, and evolution of our world.⁠
This family is just too sweet! You know what they say: three is a party, and these three kiddos definitely made this session feel like one. 
I love the energy that sibling dynamics bring to a session. They are the best kind of ornery, and it makes for some adorable shots and even better smiles.
I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for long days and bare feet and sandy toes!!! Spring and summer cannot come soon enough, and I am so thankful that my job gets me outside and enjoying the seasons to the absolute fullest 😍
There is quite literally no moment too small in a newborn session. If you’ve had babies in your life, you know that they will grow right before your eyes and you want to savor every second - every little finger and every tiny toe.

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