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Celebrating the matriarch, the whole family joined at Bill and Marge’s house in Wilmington. Included were Rita’s two sons and daughter in-laws who coincidentally are both named Jenna! The weather was beautiful and sunny as we started the session in the garden area just in front of the house. As each of them took turns walking and chatting with Rita in the garden, I was able to capture beautiful candid moments between them. Next it was the couples’ turn and then the full family jumped in for a photo.

After spending time in the garden, we moved indoors to pour mimosas and enjoy some nostalgia as they all looked through old family photo albums. This was a beautiful moment to capture for the family as they were able to forget about the session and really enjoy looking at the memories they had all built together. Rita was so cute and bubbly the entire time and was so excited to have her photo taken! This session was a blast and I enjoyed watching the family go through old memories just as much as I enjoyed photographing new moments that I’m sure will be added to the collection.

Celebrating the matriarch with family photos with the L family!

celebrating the matriarch with family photosFamily with matriarch in a garden in Wilmington north carolina

Have you ever given the gift of photography? It’s a fun and memorable way to celebrate a loved one! If you’re interested in a photo session, contact me to set up a session.


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