Capturing Intimate Moments: Personalized Engagement, Small Event, and Wedding Photography

Intimate moment of bride and groom sharing their first dance

Welcome to my corner of the photography world, where love, joy, and heartfelt connections come to life. I am thrilled to offer my photography services for your engagement, small event, and wedding coverage. Through my lens, I strive to create timeless memories by capturing intimate moments of you and your loved ones.

Unveiling the Intimate Moments of Small Events

Man on one knee proposing to woman during surprise engagement photography session

In a world filled with grandiose celebrations, there is something truly magical about intimate gatherings and small events. Whether it’s an intimate wedding, a cozy engagement, or a surprise celebration, these occasions hold a unique charm. I firmly believe that we should treasure these intimate moments just as much as we do their larger counterparts. That’s why I have chosen to specialize in capturing the beauty of these smaller-scale events.

A Personalized Approach to Photography

Bride smiling at groom during intimate small wedding photographed by Erika Rigger

My photography philosophy revolves around the idea of creating a personal and comfortable experience for every client. Moreover, I understand the weight of your special day and the value that lies in discovering a photographer whose style aligns with your unique vision. By integrating these key elements, my goal is to ensure a seamless and tailored journey, capturing unfiltered moments that resonate deeply with your heart and soul.

Couple on beach smiling during intimate engagement session

Just as I do in my family sessions, I encourage a relaxed atmosphere during engagements and small events. This allows you to be fully present in the joyous occasion. This approach enables me to capture genuine emotions, candid interactions, and the unscripted moments that make your event truly unique.

The Perks of Lifestyle Photography

Happy couple smiling during engagement photography session

Lifestyle photography is the heart and soul of my work. Instead of orchestrating stiff poses, I document the true essence of your event. By blending into the background, I become an observer, capturing the organic moments that unfold naturally. In essence, lifestyle photography encapsulates the spirit of your small event, forming a story that reflects the depth of your love, connection, and shared experiences. Consequently, these unfiltered images serve as an eternal keepsake, enabling you to joyfully relive and cherish those precious memories for years to come.

Celebrating Unfiltered Joy

Unfiltered picture of bride and groom laughing as he dips her

One of the greatest perks of engagement and small wedding photography is the ability to celebrate unfiltered joy. By focusing on the genuine emotions and candid interactions, I ensure that your photos represent your unique story.

A bride and groom during a small beach wedding ceremony

Every smile, tear, and laughter becomes a piece of art, filled with heartfelt sentiment. Through my lens, I aim to freeze the purest expressions of love, capturing intimate moments that make your event truly extraordinary.

Bride and bridesmaid during intimate small wedding

If you are seeking personalized photography for your engagement, small event, or wedding, I would be honored to be a part of your special day. Contact me and let’s embark on this journey together, where we create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Be sure to check out my Instagram for updates, as well as sales events & the ins and outs of my sessions.

I'm Erika and I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer based near Wilmington, NC. I'm also a mom to two cutie boys, lover of backyard gardening, candles, chocolate and Amazon Prime.

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