Colorful Family Beach Vacation Photos on Topsail Beach | The S Family

These colorful family beach vacation photos on Topsail Beach were the highlight of my week! Everyone had a blast during this beach vacation session and grandma was especially proud! Both of her daughters have babies around the same age, which made this session extra special.

Some cloudy weather and risk of rain didn’t run off this bold family. In fact, the neutral colors of the beach allowed the fun colors of their outfits to really stand out in a beautiful way! Plus, the clouds worked beautifully to soften the sun and create an overall softness to the images. I love when clients allow me to suggest different styling options I offer in my Family Prep Guide.

Check out these colorful family beach vacation photos on Topsail Beach

colorful family photos at the beach in north carolinafamily vacation on topsail beach in north carolinaColorful Family Beach Vacation Photos on Topsail Beach mom and dad on topsail beach for family photos

Helping to coordinate and style family photos is a ton of fun for both my clients and myself. To book a session or learn more about my Family Prep Guide, contact me today!

Summer Family Portraits on Topsail Island | The S Family

These summer family portraits on Topsail Island were a ton of fun. Three brothers, each of their families and their lovely mother! The whole family came down to enjoy a vacation at beautiful Topsail Island. The two little ones, one a toddler and the other 10 years old, made grandma so proud by being champs and looking great for the camera!

The location was beautiful and although the weather was a little dicey that day before the session, it cleared up quickly and we even got some sunset shots! Beach sessions are some of my favorites and

I loved everything about this session, from their outfits to the two beautiful babies. I can’t wait to share more from this sneak peak!

Check out these summer family portraits on Topsail Island with the S Family!

family beach vacation in north carolinafamily and kids vacationing at topsail island beachfamily at topsail islandfamily summer portraits at topsail island

Vacations are some of the most precious times for families. If you’re considering hiring a professional photographer to capture these moments, contact me today!

Celebrating the Matriarch with Family Photos | The L Family

Celebrating the matriarch, the whole family joined at Bill and Marge’s house in Wilmington. Included were Rita’s two sons and daughter in-laws who coincidentally are both named Jenna! The weather was beautiful and sunny as we started the session in the garden area just in front of the house. As each of them took turns walking and chatting with Rita in the garden, I was able to capture beautiful candid moments between them. Next it was the couples’ turn and then the full family jumped in for a photo.

After spending time in the garden, we moved indoors to pour mimosas and enjoy some nostalgia as they all looked through old family photo albums. This was a beautiful moment to capture for the family as they were able to forget about the session and really enjoy looking at the memories they had all built together. Rita was so cute and bubbly the entire time and was so excited to have her photo taken! This session was a blast and I enjoyed watching the family go through old memories just as much as I enjoyed photographing new moments that I’m sure will be added to the collection.

Celebrating the matriarch with family photos with the L family!

celebrating the matriarch with family photosFamily with matriarch in a garden in Wilmington north carolina

Have you ever given the gift of photography? It’s a fun and memorable way to celebrate a loved one! If you’re interested in a photo session, contact me to set up a session.

My Favorite 3 Things About In-Home Newborn Sessions

My 3 Favorite Things About In-Home Newborn SessionsThere’s no time more beautiful and exciting than bringing your newborn home for the first time! This can also be a very stressful time as well and in the midst of everything you need to do, many new moms struggle to find time to make it to and from a studio for a newborn session. But the good news is, studio options aren’t the only way to capture moments of your newborn. As a photographer, my favorite shoots are in-home newborn sessions! If it’s not something you’ve considered before, you’ll want to take a look at my favorite 3 things about in-home newborn sessions!

newborn baby in mothers arms in wilmington nc

Here are my favorite 3 things about in-home newborn sessions

I love how intimate the sessions are

Getting to know my clients is one of the best parts of my photo sessions! When they allow me into their home, I have pretty much a front-row seat to witnessing the precious moments with the newest member of their family.

By bringing the photo session to my clients in the comfort of their own home, I’m able to capture some of the most intimate and pure moments that would be near impossible to get in a studio. Think of the moments you spend simply holding your child or rocking them to sleep in the nursery you spent so much time decorating to the last detail. These aren’t things that can be replicated in a studio setting.

mom and dad enjoying their newborn baby

The setting

Photos are for tomorrow, not today. Welcoming a newborn home is one of the most precious moments in life and the setting is almost just as important as the people in the photos. In-home sessions allow me to capture the sweet bonding moments between you and your child. It’s much different from a studio session, and the result will bring you much more than an artful photograph of the first days with your sweet pea.

It’s hard to think about years down the road when you’re wrapped up in the now with your precious little one, but years later when you look at photos from your in-home newborn session, you’ll not only enjoy recalling just how your little one smelled, looked and sounded through the photos, but also how your home felt and what the nursery you spent so much time working on looked like. Items you used that are now heirlooms like the rocking chair, a knitted blanket made by grandma, the teddy bear that was once yours, all frozen in time. The whole experience will come flooding back as you flash back through the years.

mommy and daughter during the newborn photo session

The atmosphere is relaxing

Bringing your newborn home is one of the most beautiful and exciting things in life. But it can also be extremely exhausting. After all of the excitement of welcoming your baby to the world, the abundant postpartum hormones tend to make you extra emotional and maybe not feeling ready to go out anywhere. Your life has just been turned upside-down and perhaps you’re not really feeling like leaving your comfort zone. Don’t worry; I’ve been there too!

But through all of the stress that comes with motherhood, you still want to capture the moments with your newborn, as these are days that will fly by. The good news is, your newborn photo session doesn’t have to be stressful and you really don’t even have to leave your house! By bringing newborn sessions to your home, you can feel more at ease in the place you in your own space, dress comfortably and truly enjoy the new addition to your family. The atmosphere of an in-home session will allow you and your newborn to interact naturally with no added stress to you.

I see it as an honor to witness these sweet moments and I truly love every second of it! If you’re considering an in-home session for you and your newborn, contact me to set up a session.

Celebrating the Bump with Poplar Grove Rustic Maternity Photos

These Poplar Grove rustic maternity photos were super special! With the help of mom’s hubby, the shoot was a special surprise. While I generally communicate directly with the mom-to-be before the sessions, it was wonderful working with her husband, Wade on this gift for her! On top of all that goodness, he even booked my Bump-to-Baby package, which means that I will also have the opportunity to photograph their little sweat pea once she makes her arrival!

Not only was this session very special for our mom-to-be, but the location was a perfect match for this couple! This was my first time booking the entire grounds at Poplar Grove Plantation in Wilmington, NC. We had the entire place to ourselves during the evening hours. The location is a beautiful old plantation with horses, various barns, a gorgeous gazebo and gardens surrounding the house!

Celebrating the Bump with Poplar Grove Rustic Maternity Photos

maternity photos in wilmington north carolinarustic maternity session at poplar grove plantationhusband and wife maternity photos in north carolina

Poplar Grove Rustic Maternity PhotosPhoto sessions can be great gift ideas or a wonderful way to treat yourself! If you’re interested in booking a photo session, contact me today.


I'm Erika and I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer based near Wilmington, NC. I'm also a mom to two cutie boys, wife to a handsome captain, lover of backyard gardening, wine and Amazon Prime.

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