Family under gazebo at the New Hanover Arboretum in Wilmington, NC

Fall is here! And with the end of summer comes the perfect time of year for family photo sessions. This colorful fall family photography at the Arboretum in Wilmington showcases all the perks of autumn. From the changing leaves, to the shots of family snuggles, this family photography session truly has it all.

I was introduced to this gorgeous family through Rainbow Garden preschool in Hampstead. My children attended this school as well, and absolutely adored it. Once a year in the fall, I visit to do school pictures. This allows me to get to know the families a bit, and sometimes they book a family session afterwards.


One of my favorite locations for this time of year is the New Hanover Arboretum in Wilmington. This gorgeous and scenic botanical garden is full of beautiful shrubs and trees that create the perfect backdrop for fall family photography sessions when their leaves begin to change. The Japanese Maple trees always end up being the star of the show with their gorgeous orange and red hues. 

This family chose the perfect wardrobe for their colorful fall family photography session. The white outfits against the moody colors of the arboretum shined beautifully, and gave all three of them a gorgeous glow.


Autumn serves as a breath of fresh air after the sticky, hot days of summer. This change is always welcome, especially in my fall photography sessions. The ability for children to run, for partners to snuggle, and families to enjoy getting close and cuddly, creates gorgeous and heartwarming shots. The love and adoration that pour from these photos is so easily achievable this time of year. The smiles on this family’s face say it all. 

Creating a fun, relaxing session comes easy with the change of seasons. This colorful fall family photography at the Arboretum showcases the beauty of not only the gardens, but these three wonderful humans as well. 

I am looking forward to capturing this family and all their love again, as they are expecting a new arrival soon! It warms my heart to watch these families grow, and photographing them throughout their journeys.

Mom dad and son at the New Hanover Arboretum in Wilmington
Family enjoying walk in the fall during photography session
Son running and playing with parents at the Arboretum in Wilmington, NC
Loving family during fall photography session

Fall is here and now is the time to book your family sessions! It is the perfect time of year to update your family photos for your holiday cards and gifts. Contact me or book now!

Fall is Family Photography Season

Fall is a particularly alluring time of year to capture families frolicking in nature. A North Carolina autumn never disappoints. The splendid colors that burst from trees and bushes create a backdrop that will surround your family with warmth and serenity. The beautiful setting and the mood it brings both play into why fall is family photography season.  My family photography gallery displays how uniquely I portray each family I photograph.

Fall and Family Photography

As a lifestyle photographer, the magic of fall’s changing color palette provides the purity I am inspired to share with my clients. The essence of summer giving way to cool breezes creates a casually cheerful mood. The thought of crackling fires to come lends to a genuine playfulness.

I adore capturing giggling children as they stretch out their fingertips to grasp falling leaves. There is magic in the sparkling eyes of babies taking in the vast array of hues created by nature’s paintbrush. I snap those moments when parents view their children with intrinsic joy while fondly remembering their own childhood; in awe of how time evolves, yet somehow stays the same. Fall photography sessions are the perfect host for creating small but joyous moments to treasure.

North Carolina has no shortage of amazing fall backdrops for your session. I love to shoot at New Hanover Arboretum for their gorgeous Japanese maple trees. Abbey Nature Trails adjacent to Poplar Grove Plantation, and Long Leaf Park in Wilmington are some of my favorite local locations as well.

Mom and dad with kids during fall photography session

The Season of Love

Autumn brings the weather that lends itself to cozy cuddles with the loved ones. I feel that it always serves as a breath of fresh air after sticky summer days. The willingness to get snuggled up close returns, and creates beautiful moments in front of the camera. Fall is family photography season as I am able to capture all of the warm fuzzy feelings that come along with the changing weather. 

A photograph-worthy setting occurs naturally when a family bounds into a giant pile of leaves. Picture playful sword-jousts with twigs and scrambling over tree roots while escaping tickle-hugs. I become the captive audience to these authentic moments. I then create a gift that your family will treasure for years to come. Fall photography sessions lend themselves to fun, laid back, and relaxing times for both the parents and the children.

Fall Maternity photo of pregnant woman
Man and woman on bridge in front of fall trees
Couple posing behind fall leaves during photography session

I will bring this awe-inspiring scene into your home. Fall photography sessions create wonderful portraits for your walls and framed photos for your children’s grandparents. The holiday season will be here before we know it, so this is the perfect time of year contact me to book your family photography session.


How lucky am I to be able to spend my days helping welcome these new lives into the world? Meeting these babies and getting to experience the joys of new parenthood with the families I shoot truly never gets old. In this precious in-home Wilmington newborn photography session, I met Baby Parker.

This beautiful couple hired me for my Bump to Baby package. I first shot their maternity portraits on the beach in Surf City, N.C. After Parker’s arrival, I visited their Wilmington home for an in-home session.


Baby Parker was sleepy as ever, and as a result, napped through most of this session. If his parents were low on sleep, you’d never know it from the photos. They looked stunning, and were taking the blur of new parenthood in stride. Doing this shoot in-home meant that Parker could stay comfy and cozy throughout. There’s no doubt that being cuddled up in his mom and dad’s lap made for a nice nap. Nestled in his swaddle, it was time to get to work.

The home and Parker’s nursery were gorgeous, and made for a relaxing session. Their home was quite dark, designed perfectly for sleepy babies. Because of this, I opened up all the curtains in the house to provide as much natural light as possible. The result was the light pouring in from outside which gave this precious in-home newborn session the perfect sleepy mood.


These adoring parents had no problem conveying the unconditional love they have for their new baby. These days fly by in the blink of an eye. My goal for my newborn sessions is to capture the raw moments that new parents experience in the day-to-day. A touch of noses or a kiss on the forehead would normally be a moment that passes without a second thought, but these are the photos that bring out the sweetness of having a newborn. These photos will forever tell the story of the bond being built between parents and baby in their first few days as a family. 

Baby Parker will grow before his parents’ eyes. Before they know it, he will be a walking, talking ball of fire that will light up their life in all-new ways. My mission for this precious in-home Wilmington newborn photography session was to savor Parker at his tiniest. This way, above all, parents can look back on these photos to remember just how small and sweet their newest addition was in those first few days. One of the shots I love most from this session is Parker head-to-head with his dad. Fitting between his forehead and chest, it really encapsulates just how itty-bitty Parker is.

Newborn baby swaddled during photography session
Mom and Dad with newborn baby during photography session in Wilmington N.C.
Parents holding and kissing baby in nursery during in-home photography session
Baby with parents napping in the nursery
Loving parents with newborn baby boy in Wilmington home

Are you getting ready to welcome your newest addition? Now is a great time to book your newborn session, so you can always remember the blur of bringing home a new baby. Contact me for details.


Expecting a new baby is a beautiful time in every mother’s life. Even if the mom-to-be can’t feel the glow, it’s safe to say she looks the part. I was able to capture the excitement of this wonderful couples’ pregnancy in this natural Topsail Island maternity photography session.


These two lovely soon-to-be parents looked absolutely stunning for their evening-time maternity session, and the natural beachfront backdrop let their gorgeous attire shine. The sunset gave this natural maternity session a perfect feel. The whites and natural tones of the beach and of their home created a beautiful canvas for their wardrobe. And, obviously, for that wonderful baby bump! The smiles on their faces make it clear to anyone that they could not be more excited to meet their new baby. 

Topsail Island and the beach were a special and memorable place for this couple. With this maternity photography session, they wanted to make sure to remember this time in their lives. At the time of this shoot, they were gearing up to make a big move to Alaska, but wanted to treasure the days spent on the beach, as well as capturing this pregnancy. We were able to involve their four-legged friends for a nice walk on the beach. Clearly the dogs didn’t have any objections to this! Who wouldn’t want to take a nice stroll with their favorite humans on a gorgeous evening like this?

We ended this natural Topsail Island maternity photography session on the dock. This gave us a great view of the Intracoastal Waterway, and really added to the natural feel of this maternity shoot. I especially loved the way the cool tones of the water and the wooden pier complimented this mother-to-be’s dress. A maternity photography session wouldn’t be complete without a profile shot of that adorable baby bump. These parents adored each other, and they couldn’t be more ecstatic for their newest addition.


I was invited back to the beach a short time later to photograph this family in a newborn session. It was truly a pleasure to be able to capture their beautiful new baby in a place that was so near and dear to their hearts.

Maternity beach photography with expecting couple and two dogs
Maternity photography session with expecting mom and dad at Topsail Island
Maternity photography on the beach with parents and dogs at Topsail Island
Maternity session with mom and dad on dock at Topsail Island

Are you expecting? Now is a great time to book your maternity and newborn sessions to be sure you’ll remember the blur of new parenthood! Contact me for details.

Cozy In-home Newborn Photography

Every pair of soon-to-be parents anxiously wonders what those first few days will look like. And who wouldn’t? This cozy in-home newborn photography session provides a great look at what bringing a new life into the world (and into your home) feels like.

This wonderful family contacted me for an in-home photography session in Hampstead. I had previously taken their daughter’s preschool pictures. I was elated because newborn photography sessions are always some of my favorites to shoot.

In-home Newborn Session

Capturing the cozy in-home vibes involves a lot of soft textures and natural lighting to pair with the sweet squishiness of a new baby. Getting up close is what makes a newborn shoot so special. How else could you catch those tiny details that make a newborn just that? The umbilical cord and tiny toes of this baby boy were too sweet. He was also born with something extra small, and extra special on his right hand. Take a peak below to see this precious boy’s little surprise!

An in-home photography session with me wouldn’t be right without some candid shots of the proud parents cuddling up with their newest addition. This is where a cozy in-home shoot really encapsulates the family as they are in the first few days. Big Sister got involved in this part of the session. She was so excited to introduce her new baby brother to her favorite book. 

This darling sleepy boy got to enjoy his morning snuggling with Mom and Dad. The natural lighting that morning time provides created a beautiful environment. It contributed to the cozy feel of this in-home session. The cool-toned colors of this family’s wardrobe were a perfect accent to the bright backdrop the morning light gave.

Savoring the Newborn Moments

All together, with a few forehead kisses from his loving parents, this cozy in-home newborn photography session caught the moments that every parent wants to hang on to. These days in their lives will seem to blur together. Their baby will grow before their eyes. Sooner rather than later they’ll look back on these photographs to reminisce on the first few days of cherishing their new baby boy. 

I am so happy to be a part of savoring this morning and these memories for this beautiful family to treasure.

Up-close photographs of a newborn baby boy in-home photography session
Candid photographs of family reading to their newborn baby during in-home photography session
Sleepy baby boy with his dad during in-home newborn photography session
Newborn baby boy with loving parents in newborn photography session

Are you welcoming a new baby into your life? Get in contact to let me capture those moments so you can relax into the blur that is new parenthood. Or, click to see additional information on my in-home newborn sessions.


I'm Erika and I am a maternity, newborn, and family photographer based near Wilmington, NC. I'm also a mom to two cutie boys, wife to a handsome captain, lover of backyard gardening, wine and Amazon Prime.

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