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As a mother myself, I understand how beautiful, yet challenging motherhood can be. The saying “it takes a village” really does apply to parenthood. Raising amazing, healthy, happy human beings is hard! But when you find your village, you can focus more on the beautiful parts of parenthood and less on the challenging ones. That’s a big part of why Stephanie Luther decided to open up The Bump and Beyond in Wilmington, NC.

owner of The Bump & Beyond in Wilmington NC

Stephanie Luther, Owner of The Bump and Beyond in Wilmington, NC.

Stephanie, a licensed nurse and birth & post partum doula, is from New York. When she moved to Wilmington, NC she discovered a need to bring great, eco-minded, healthy, modern products to the mothers (and mothers-to-be) in the area. Sure, you can find some of the fantastic products they carry on Amazon but “when you buy products from a boutique like this you get more than what you’re buying. You’re getting all the research and personal experience we have with these products. You’re getting tips, help, classes, and community. All these things have blossomed from this store. It’s really been amazing”, says Stephanie.

The Bump & Beyond has grown by leaps and bounds since it first opened almost two years ago. They’ve gone from providing eco-friendly, healthy, functional baby products to also offering classes, support and community as a one-stop shop for parents in Wilmington. From a large variety of baby carriers, teething necklaces, feeding supplies, breast pump and carrier rentals and organic baby products to parenting, maternity and baby-related events and classes, The Bump & Beyond is truly Wilmington’s premiere resource for all things parenting.

The Bump & Beyond is located at:
Crossroads Shopping Center
890 S. Kerr Avenue, Suite 3
Wilmington, NC 28403

Connect:  Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Google+

Take a look at their upcoming events!

The Bump & Beyond Wilmington NC

The Bump & Beyond Wilmington NC

Health-conscious and eco-friendly baby products plus events and classes for moms!

The Bump & Beyond Wilmington NC

The “Kids Only” area where children can play while moms and dads shop or participate in a class.

Twice Around the Sun Photo Shoot

Hi everyone!

Since I’m a proud mom like the rest of  you, I couldn’t resist sharing photos from a quick 25 minute photo shoot I did of my son for his 2nd birthday. Today is his actual birthday, but we did the Twice Around the Sun photo shoot yesterday at Kiwanis Park in Hampstead. It was muggy and overcast all day but as long as there was no rain we were going to do it! We got attacked by mosquitos and left with our shoes covered in mud, but the photos really captured his personality in this super fun (albeit, challenging) age. He’s changing so much everyday, I know I’ll look back on these photos soon and get all nostalgic over these days and his sweet baby face.

Hats off to all the kiddos out there turning two this month, and all the moms and dads for doing a great job!



Twice Around the Sun Photo Shoot

Twice Around the Sun Photo ShootTwice Around the Sun Photo ShootTwice Around the Sun Photo Shoot

Baby S | In-Home Newborn Photography

Soon after I sent this family their gallery of photos from their in-home newborn photography session, they responded with their appreciation as well as commented about how much baby Smith had already changed. This is why documenting details of your baby’s first days are so important!

The sweet thing about in-home newborn lifestyle sessions is they are really fun and super relaxed. No stressing about getting baby to sleep. No worrying about baby pooping on props. If baby wants to be wide awake and snuggle in arms, great! If baby is sleepy, that’s great too! Need to stop and feed? I’ll hang out! The point is to capture those first real, beautiful moments of baby interacting with family in his environment. Simple and perfect as that.

Baby S | In-Home Newborn Photography

Baby Smith, exactly one week old on the day of his big photo session. He had his big sisters join in the photo fun early on in the session and then we retreated to his sweet nursery for him to feed and lay in his crib for more photos.

Wilmington NC In-Home Newborn Photography

Wilmington NC In-Home Newborn PhotographyWilmington NC In-Home Newborn PhotographyWilmington NC In-Home Newborn Photography

Interested in an in-home newborn photography session? Contact me to schedule yours!

Summer Favorites!

Now that summer is a wrap, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of my favorites from my summer sessions this year. And when I say favorites, I mean these are the ones that make my heart sing and that I think most accurately reflect my style. These images are moments so short in time (most, literally hundreths of a second), yet so powerful and beautiful when frozen. They represent to me the importance of photography. As a mother, photography has been my only solace when facing the quantum speed at which my son grows and changes each day. It enables me to feel a slight sense of relief that even if the time with him as a little boy is fleeting, I will always have these moments captured to later enjoy. Because I understand this deep within my personal experience, I know that what I do is more than meaningful to my clients. It truly is my pleasure to capture these gorgeous moment for them.

Here are my summer favorites:

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

You can’t keep from smiling when you see this photo. The pure joy on a toddler’s face when his daddy throws him up in the air. The simple happiness of children is something to be admired. It’s all about taking in the moment and letting yourself really enjoy it.

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

I admit, I have to really be careful choosing black and white converted photos so as not convert too many. I just love black and white and what it does to a photo. It simply and artfully takes out everything not important without taking anything out at all. I love this photo because it was an outtake, because of the sun flare, and because of this quick curious connection with this little girl.

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

This little guy had 6 adults at his beck and call. What a wonderful family he was born into. The best thing was to observe how contagious his sweet smiles were.

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

I love this one for the sweet interaction between baby and his parents. These are the fleeting moments, the slices of heaven on earth, that all parents want to bottle up and keep forever.

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

I LOVE taking the close-up detail shots during my newborn sessions. Focusing on the tiny toes, tiny ears, tiny lips and fingertips. It’s enough to make you dizzy with amazement at the miracle of creation.

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

There are so many things I love about this photo. The contrast of the peeking sun against the dark greens of the woods. The framing of the trees around the family. The sweet moment of joy in this young family. The delightful expression on the baby’s face. Definitely a favorite!

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

I’m so in love with this image. To me it represents the calm before the storm, mother’s connection with her pregnant body, and the anticipation of the beauty to come. Pregnant with twins, she had twice as much to look forward to!

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

I mostly like my families to be so engaged with each other that they forget I’m there. When no one is looking at the camera is when the magic happens. Because those are real moments of families interacting. The glances they give each other speak volumes of their love. But when I capture a quick glance, like this one, then the audience gets a quick connection with the subject in the photo and that can be just as powerful.

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

This wide angle was perfect for showing the teeny tinyness of newborns in their new, very spacious world. And how cute are those tiny crossed legs?

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

I love the juxtaposition of dads strong arms against baby’s sweet fragile body. His colorful arm against baby’s pink, smooth skin. A sweet moment of nestling in daddy’s beard. So cute.

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

I love this for the negative space. In this photo, life is a beach and they are happily strolling along it.

Wilmington NC Family Photography Summer Favorites

This photo is a favorite because of the light. I love how the sun is directly behind him, making a halo of light around his head. Just a handsome young man, his mitt and his dreams.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my summer favorites! If you’d like me to capture some favorites for you, please contact me to schedule your custom photo session!

Featured Fun Spot: Manta’s Cuts Kids Salon in Wilmington, NC

Manta’s Cuts Kids Salon is one of my favorite kid-friendly businesses in Wilmington. My son absolutely loves to play on the sunken pirate ship in their lobby and enjoys getting haircuts with the talented, patient, and super sweet, Miss Laura. It’s also the perfect place to get your kids hair cut before your next family photo session! The owner, Jessica Dixon, was gracious enough to give me a few minutes of her time for this interview.

Interview with Jessica Dixon, Owner of Manta’s Cuts Kids Salon

Manta's Cuts Kids Salon Wilmington NC

Owner Manta's Cuts Kids Salon

Jessica Dixon, Owner of Manta’s Cuts Kids Salon

What inspired you to open up a kids salon? I opened up Manta’s Cuts because I was a mother looking for a fun, good-quality and affordable haircuts for my two boys, my husband and myself. I was sure that if I was looking for my dream salon that other families were also looking. Once I got started on the dream of bringing this incredible new kids salon to Wilmington I just couldn’t stop thinking about how to make the salon perfect and awesome. Piece by piece the salon came together and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. I am so happy that we can provide quality haircuts for babies, kids, special needs clients, men and women. Plus, we make for an awesome Mother Daughter Date and party place.

Do you offer any services specifically for little ones (toddler age)? Toddlers are a specialty of ours, so we cater to them a couple of different ways. First and foremost, our stylists work at a children’s salon because they LIKE kids and are thrilled with the spirit that toddlers bring to the world. Secondly, we have a sunken pirate ship, that no kid can resist, and a treasure chest, to choose a prize from after their haircut. If that isn’t enough, Friday is Friend Friday! If you bring in a friend and you both get services done you can have your choice of snacks and we know toddlers are all about the snacks. Additionally, we do adult haircuts and while that might not seem like a toddler thing, it really is because parents can enjoy getting a great haircut without worrying about their child “behaving” in a regular salon. There are plenty of toys for them to play with here!

What are a few of your most popular services? Kid’s haircuts are definitely our top service, but that could easily be guessed. What you might not guess is the popularity of our pedicures, such as the Mommy & Me, and our feather hair extensions, they are my personal favorite.

With two recent Family Favorite 2016 Wilmington Parent awards for “Best Children’s Haircut” and “Best Party Venue”, it’s no surprise Manta’s Cuts Kids Salon is quickly becoming the go-to salon in the Wilmington area.

Check out their list of services here:
Hair Services  |  Nail Services  |  Packages and Events  |  Party Packages

 Manta’s Cuts
1427 Military Cutoff Rd, Suite 102
Wilmington, NC 28403
(p): (910) 239-9096
Connect: Facebook  |  Instagram

Manta's Cuts Kids Salon Wilmington NC


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