Beautiful Couples Photos of 2016

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m inspired to share some of my favorite couples photos from my 2016 sessions.

In almost every family and maternity session I encourage parents to get together for a few photos of just them. Often, they tell me “we haven’t had a professional photo together since our wedding.” After all, they are the reason their family came to be! I think it’s important that I capture photos of parents, so they can have that moment to shine. As a parent myself, I know that all too often we become consumed with the day-to-day busyness of raising a family that we can easily overlook giving attention to our partner. In the few moments when I have partners get in front of my camera together, I can see how giddy they get when they look into each other’s eyes (something they usually haven’t done in a long time!), and then they relax and truly enjoy the moment. It’s a beautiful thing to witness!

Couples Photos of 2016

Couples enjoying a moment in front of my camera

Couples photos from 2016 family photo sessions

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